Gospel Reflection for the Second Sunday of Ordinary Time

Proclaim is marvelous deeds to all the nations (Psalm 95).

I wonder if the young couple who were getting married at Cana in Galilee in 30AD knew they had the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, the Son of God, as a guest at their wedding reception. They also had the Mother of God among the guests and it was she who noticed that the wine had run out.  With such distinguished guests the problem was easily solved: at a word from his beloved mother, Jesus could, and did, transform gallons of water into wine.

Let us be very aware in these times of trial and stress that Jesus did not leave us alone  with empty wine flasks. He is with us still – unseen – but nevertheless present and active in our lives, just as He was at the wedding at Cana. We have only to follow the advice of His mother. ‘Do whatever He says.’