Becoming a Benedictine
at Kylemore Abbey

Becoming a Benedictine

The process of discerning a Benedictine vocation includes some visits to the monastery, including a visit of three weeks or longer, to experience the life of the nuns. This, along with a “live-in” experience for an agreed length of time, can be part of the year of “Aspirancy” which is preliminary to actually entering the community as a Postulant.

Initial formation consists of one to two years of postulancy; two years’ novitiate; and usually five years in temporary vows. This period of preparation is intended to help the Community and the aspirant to understand whether this community is the place where she can grow in holiness and develop to her full potential as a human being and a Christian. During this time of preparation, the newcomer is accompanied by the novice mistress and others as she learns to live the spiritual life lived in a community of Benedictine monks/nuns.

It is only through experiencing monastic life and the ups and downs of community living that a new member can make the solemn Profession of their monastic vows and be accepted by the Community. From then on, the new sister and the Community are committed to stand together in the daily task of working with Jesus through this community, and journeying together towards Him.
If you think you might have a vocation to become a nun at Kylemore Abbey, please contact Sr. Jeanne ( Vocations Director who will be happy to help you to discern your way forward.