The Kylemore Trust

The Kylemore Trust

Kylemore Abbey is a Benedictine monastery and iconic visitor attraction in Connemara, owned and managed by The Kylemore Trust. Led by the Benedictine nuns, The Kylemore Trust is a registered charity chaired by the Abbess of Kylemore and comprised of all professed nuns of Kylemore and some lay members. The Trust’s philanthropic mission is to support the Benedictine monastic way of life, and to preserve and enhance the heritage of Kylemore for the benefit of the nation and the region.

The Trust generates funds for its mission through income from tourism & retail (Kylemore Abbey & Gardens Ltd.) and philanthropy (Registered Charity No. 20071394 | CHY No. 18550)

All income (from philanthropy and revenue generation) is used to support Kylemore’s mission as a non-profit organisation. Kylemore Abbey employs over 120 staff, many of whose families have been part of Kylemore for generations.

The Kylemore Trust is a registered charity

  • Registered Charity Number: 20071394
  • Revenue Number: CHY No. 18550
  • Company Number: 470880

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