Priority Projects
at Kylemore Abbey

Priority Projects at Kylemore Abbey

Kylemore Abbey is a registered charity with a mission:

  • to support the Benedictine monastic way of life, and
  • to preserve and enhance the heritage of Kylemore for the benefit of the Irish nation and the region.

In support of this mission, Kylemore seeks philanthropic support for two priority projects. Please join us and help Kylemore to fulfil this historic mission by making a donation today or by including Kylemore in your will.

A New Monastery at Kylemore Abbey

A New Home for an Ancient Order

This historic new monastery will be a haven for visitors and a home for the faith community of Kylemore. It is designed to integrate into a unique environment, and provides places for contemplative solitude and prayer. Connected to the Monastic Church through gardens and cloister it comprises:

– Education and residential retreat centre
– Novitiate and residential space for the nuns
– Library and Archive space
– Kitchen and Dining areas
– Welcome area for guests and groups interested in spiritual life of Kylemore.


Preserving and Enhancing Kylemore

Heritage & Conservation Programme 2021-2024

Since 1920 the Benedictine community of Kylemore Abbey have been committed stewards and conservators of the built heritage of Kylemore estate. In recent decades, this has been evident: Kylemore Trust raised funds in the 1990s to support a refurbishment programme for the estate’s Gothic Revival Church and a partial restoration of the Victorian Walled Gardens. These achievements were recognised with Europa Nostra and RIAI awards. Building on that work, Kylemore Trust has undertaken a strategic review of the heritage and conservation requirements of the Estate, with support from the Heritage Council and the Irish Georgian Society.

This Conservation Plan sets out a major conservation programme for Kylemore Abbey, which will deliver new access walks to the Estate, open new areas of the Gardens, and address vital restoration needs.

Learn more about the Monastery Project

Learn more about the Monastery Project