Hospitality and Retreats
at Kylemore Abbey

Hospitality & Retreats

2023 Retreat Programme
For over three hundred years the community expressed its outreach of hospitality primarily in the education of Catholic girls in Ypres and later in Kylemore. The closure of our school in 2010 gave us the opportunity to explore our understanding of our mission . Today, we are engaged in developing our mission of Benedictine hospitality here at Kylemore for the future.
A visit to Kylemore is more than an enjoyable outing. It is an encounter with a unique place that invites the visitor to relax and attend to what she is experiencing:

  • a place of stunning natural beauty
  • a warm welcome, catering in a simple yet excellent manner to the needs of the visitor;
  • a history of the human stewardship of this estate – land-use, architecture, horticulture – balancing respect for the environment and the needs of human beings;
  • a beautiful place, demonstrating what can be created and maintained by endeavour, resilience, and optimism of the owners of the estate and the local people through the vicissitudes of 200 years in Connemara;
  • discovering that behind this experience is a faith community living a life of prayer centred on God the Creator, and an invitation to experience their worship.
  • If you have a special intention, or would like the nuns to remember you in their daily prayers, please email

For the 2023 Retreat Programme click here.
Guests wishing to make a spiritual retreat, alone or in a group, are welcome. They have full access to the grounds at all times, and can participate in the community Liturgy. A member of the community is normally available if needed to guide retreatants through the day.

To book the Centering Prayer Retreat visit the University of Notre Dame website by clicking on the button

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