Oblates & Friends
at Kylemore Abbey

Oblates & Friends

The Rule of St. Benedict mentions that guests are always to be found in a monastery. They are to be welcomed as Christ, and their physical and human needs are to be attended to with care.
Many people who visit the monastery as guests develop over time a sense of belonging in some way, and express this by helping the community in whatever way they can.
The desire to explore their faith and prayer life more deeply with the support of the monastic community comes from the Holy Spirit and is in itself a form of vocation. The body of lay guests and friends are very important to the well-being of the Community and can greatly encourage it.
Some of such guests of the monastery feel called to formalise their relationship by becoming Oblates of the community. At the present time, we would like to develop our group of Oblates and perhaps help it to grow. To learn more about becoming an Oblate of Kylemore Abbey, please email info@kylemoreabbey.ie