Gospel Reflection for the Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

I will sing of your salvation (Psalm 70).

No one likes to be told and to have to listen to home truths! The people of Nazareth certainly didn’t, even when it was Truth itself speaking to them. Jesus was reproaching them for their lack of perception and narrow-mindedness, failing to see that He was anything greater than themselves. His prophetic warning that if they lacked faith God could and did work miracles outside Israel, in foreign countries, only enraged them. 

What lessons can we learn from this Gospel?  The first lesson is that as chosen and beloved children of God, in his loving kindness, he sends us warnings. Our  habitual attitude is to be alert to the signs of the times, to listen to the home truths our loved ones tell us for our own good, to ask advice from those we trust. God is with us always leading and helping us, we must be alert and respond in faith.